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Stanford Strategic Decision and Risk Management Program

The Strategic Decision and Risk Management professional certificate program has been offered at Stanford University since 2006 and online since 2008. It is led by Professor Ronald Howard, who founded the discipline of decision analysis in the mid-1960s. "Every business aims for good outcomes, but we can only control our decisions," he says. "This is lesson number one in decision making, the difference between the quality of the decision and the quality of the outcome. They are completely different." To date, this program has helped over 800 graduates enhance their ability to make critical decisions and develop effective business strategies. The program is a partnership between the Stanford Center for Professional Development and Strategic Decisions Group.

The Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD) connects working professionals worldwide to the research and teaching of Stanford University faculty in the School of Engineering and related academic departments. Qualified individuals may study for master of science degrees on a part-time basis, pursue graduate and professional certificates, take individual graduate and professional courses, participate in workshops, view free online seminars and more. Courses are delivered online, on the Stanford campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, and at the work site.

Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) is a global management consulting firm renowned for its expertise in strategic decision-making, risk management, and shareholder value creation. Through a collaborative, team-based approach, we help our clients find innovative, creative strategies to thrive today, while also helping them build internal competencies and more effective decision-making processes to meet competitive challenges in the future. SDG has six offices across the globe in North America, Europe, the Middle East, India, and Asia.